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Introducing a revolution in Waste Management.

The Waste Converter Machine.

What you eat can feed your stomach. What you waste can feed the environment. It is this concept that forms a basic insight in our organic revolution. Harit Kranti presents the waste converter machine that converts food waste into organic manure that can be used for gardening and plantation purposes. This state-of-the-art machine is available in 4 variants and comes along with a stainless steel body. Adding more to it is the fact that it can process 50 to 300 Kg of food waste every hour. The machine can work up to 8 hours every day and requires a minimal space of 70 to 100 sq. ft.
The cutting edge technological wonder gives you a winning edge in waste management as it efficiently converts the food waste in to organic manure. Also you have a facility to sell the organic manure to Harit Kranti as it provides you with a free manure pickup service. Get set for a new step in organic revolution.

The greener side of Waste Converter Machine

  • No bad odour
  • No cockroaches and rats
  • Wet and dry food waste
  • Twigs and sand also preferred
  • Also compatible with Non Vegetarian Food
  • Versatile enough to be placed anywhere

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